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It’s officially autumn.

  • Yay! Golden trees, morning frosts and conkers! (50%, 4 Votes)
  • Boo! Drizzle and spiders. (50%, 4 Votes)

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The Premier League was LITERALLY drenched with goals this weekend with no nil-nils and just one one-nil, ironically in a game which last season finished three-three. But goals don’t always lead to points in predictions. Thankfully that was not the case this time with most games going the way we wanted them to. The biggest return came from Man City’s 3-1 away victory at Swansea – an average of 20.53 points. Everyone backed the away win, so everyone was happy with this one.

Elsewhere, Liverpool beating Hull provided 14.7 points a piece, Spurs win at ‘Boro earned us 7.28 and Man Utd’s demolition of Leicester racked up a modest 2.83. The only significant loss came from the aforementioned 1-0 win for Bournemouth over Everton. This result cost us four and a half points.

Well done to this week’s Player of the Week who gathered in 76 points thanks to eight correct results and a brace of scores. Bob hit 10s on Liverpool and Man City, and fives on Man Utd, Bournemouth(!) and Palace. Impressive stuff! This win gives Bob a nine place rise up the league to 13th! Nice one!

Ian’s 49 this week took him up to the top of the league at the expense of Wainwright. In Sudden Death, both Gripweed and Mrs Ninja picked Liverpool and so survive to fight another day. After 7 weeks of battle their weapons are running out. Expect dirty tactics and cheap shots next weekend!


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Game Home v Away Score Poss Win Result Poss Win
1 Swansea v Liverpool
2 Hull v Chelsea
3 Sunderland v West Brom
4 Watford v Bournemouth
5 West Ham v Middlesbrough
6 Man Utd v Stoke
7 Leicester v Southampton
8 Tottenham v Man City
9 Burnley v Arsenal
10 Fulham v QPR
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The tPs League

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  Player ScP ReP w7 Total
1 Ian -16 338 49 322 2nd last week, a change of +1 positions
2 wainwright -16 329 31 313 1st last week, a change of -1 positions
3 Stevemanics -16 320 55 304 5th last week, a change of +2 positions
4 Scoot -28 329 37 301 3rd last week, a change of -1 positions
5 crouchinghippo -30 325 52 295 7th last week, a change of +2 positions
6 nbs -4 293 52 289 9th last week, a change of +3 positions
7 mrs ninja -9 286 31 277 6th last week, a change of -1 positions
8 Jennyg -34 308 58 274 15th last week, a change of +7 positions
9 Alicol -28 299 10 271 4th last week, a change of -5 positions
10 Whistlin Bob -28 299 46 271 13th last week, a change of +3 positions
11 Rob -34 302 40 268 10th last week, a change of -1 positions
12 Ade -16 281 28 265 8th last week, a change of -4 positions
13 Bob -28 293 76 265 22nd last week, a change of +9 positions
14 Kev79 -34 296 46 262 16th last week, a change of +2 positions
15 Big Willie -36 297 55 261 20th last week, a change of +5 positions
16 FGFC -35 294 43 259 14th last week, a change of -2 positions
17 smelling of roses -34 278 37 244 19th last week, a change of +2 positions
18 Adge -4 245 16 241 11th last week, a change of -7 positions
19 kp -33 268 10 235 12th last week, a change of -7 positions
20 Jono -36 270 46 234 23rd last week, a change of +3 positions

ScP=Points from Scores, ReP=Points from Results.

Top Scores in Week 7

Player Points
Bob 76
stevenfisher83 61
Jennyg 58
Big Willie 55
Stevemanics 55
nbs 52
crouchinghippo 52
useless 51
Ian 49
Kev79 46
Royal_Spiders 46
Whistlin Bob 46
Jono 46
chriscol 43
pubcarparkninja 43
greigy1 43
Rob 40
marko 40
Scoot 37

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Barnes: Right, that’s Moby stuck in my head for the rest of the day…. (24/09 09:40)

Barnes: Hi Kev,

1) I use email. Luddite? Moi?

2) I garner the majority of my media output from BBC sport and The Times. Luddite? Moi?

3) I do like The Daily Mash. They have some classic items such as the story of the French trader forced to work a 37 hour week, and the ‘it’s grim up North’ article. Although it can be hit-or-miss.

4) David Moyes (again?)

5) Because you have been forced to attend the first round of the cup North of the border, and will be taking in the glamour tie of Inverurie Loco Works v Buckie Thistle with the other 13 fans 2 dogs a red squirrel and a haggis in attendance.? (24/09 09:39)

Stevemanics: 1. Social media – which ones do you use, which ones do you like?
Facebook is the only one I ever post on. Used to use Twitter a lot but it’s far too easy to get lost in a cycle of refreshing and replying. I have Snapchat but only look at what others have posted rather than doing any myself. Likewise Instagram. Haven’t been on Myspace in years. Tumblr makes me want to rage.

2. LadBible, Sportsbible, Unilad, Buzzfeed, Vice – do we really need all these different infotainment outlets? How are you supposed to keep up with it all?
Most of them are a bit rubbish and cringey unless they’re simply reposting someone else’s articles/videos.

3. Which is your favourite satirical news source? HAGNFY, Daily Mash and The Onion are some examples.
Don’t really look at Daily Mash or The Onion anymore unless someone shares a link. Still a big fan of HIGNFY though, and love Mock The Week.

4. This is a football website after all, so…..which Premier League manager will be the first to become an ex Permier League Manager? Mourinho? Moyes? Hughes? Ranieri? Bilic?
Hughes must be worried by Stoke’s start. And what on earth has happened to West Ham? Moyes isn’t doing a great job of recovering his reputation after his stint with us. As PCPN said though, Guidolin seems to be favourite to go.

5. Why does my heart feel so bad?
Could just be swelling in the sac around the heart. I had that earlier this year. Symptoms are worryingly like a heart attack, but thankfully not a serious issue. (23/09 21:10)

pubcarparkninja: 1.
I’m very much a social hermit, I am proud to say I don’t have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Tumblr, Vine or other account. How proud! I find my productivity is enhanced significantly.
I use LinkedIn for work which I do find useful for industry news feeds and opinions and connecting with current and former colleagues, formerly for job hunting.
The only social media I use personally is Flickr, a very old photo sharing site which I agree has been surpassed by Facebook and Instagram but I use it for photo sharing.
My MySpace site is bang up to date however….

I think I’ve only heard of Buzzfeed from those, they all sound pretty dreadful and I assume gleefully share the travails of the ‘celeb’ world in a manner as odious and noxious as the Mail Online? Terrible, the internet is great, but it’s also home to a tonne of clickbait crap.

I love HIGN4U, possibly TV highlight of the week, plus Mock the Week for its lighter satire, but very current content, it usually has a quality line up of laugh out loud zingers (all keenly crafted by a tight comedy writing team), whereas HIGN4U seems a bit more spontaneous and biting. I also enjoy Newsjack which has just returned to Radio 4 Extra, and I get the podcast, it’s very funny and host Nish Kumar is a great political stand-up. Heartily recommend his new stand up show that Mrs Ninja and I saw in Edinburgh. Otherwise The Bugle podcast (when it restarts is great). I’m not a big fan of The News Quiz on Radio 4, it’s a little twee to me. The new Unspun with Matt Forde show on Dave was OK, not amazing, but perfectly acceptable.
Otherwise on websites – I don’t really read The Onion anymore, used to read it a lot. And that line from Rob for Daily Mash looks brilliant, I should look more often.

Well listening to recent radio coverage, the odds could be going on Guidolin at Swansea, Coleman or Giggs being touted. Man City is a free pass for him you’d imagine then they have Liverpool and Arsenal, I can’t see any points out of that run, and then Watford and Stoke so they could pick up some points. He could go at the early October international break.

Because of the excess jalapenos I have just had on my falafel wrap?
Think I heard a stat/quiz question the other day, on which album by Moby has every track been used by an advertising campaign?

Bonus question – Where is Barnes?
I believe he might be in Cirencester; the internet hasn’t reached there yet!!! (23/09 16:35)

Rob: Nice one Kevin!

1) Mostly Facebook and Twitter. I use facebook and feel like I would be better of without it in my life, but then again it’s a good place to keep in touch with people, and while it’s there I can’t help but take a look. Maybe I should uninstall the app from my phone. Twitter is amazing. I could Twitter-surf all day. If you set yourself up a collection of decent, intelligent and/or funny and/or informative feeds you’re set for life.

2) I tend to err away from anything with Lad in the title as I’m not into Top Bantz. I like Buzzfeed. I think it gets the tone right most of the time, and some of their more serious newsy stuff is decent. My current favourite FB group is People Are Awesome which is just videos of people being awesome. Obvs.

3) I love the Mash. They hit the mark more often than they miss. I love it when they interview a dog called Tom Brooker or Wayne Haynes. And how can you not love a story with the headline “Dog enters negotiations to give stick back” and containing the line “Larry’s owner Emma Bradford said, “I’m happy to claim he’s a good boy six or seven times if it’ll move things along.”” Genius!

4) I think Hughesy is in trouble. Stoke have looked whack this season. Bilic will get extra time because of last season, Moyes for being new.

5) Too many sausages. (23/09 09:39)