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The tPs Burning Hot Question of the Week

For what would you most like to be sent off?

  • Punching the ref (80%, 4 Votes)
  • Punching an opponent (20%, 1 Votes)
  • A studs-up, knee-high late challenge (0%, 0 Votes)
  • Diving (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 5


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Sudden Death

Sudden Death is a bare-knuckle scrap between you and the Grim Reaper.

Select a different team each week to win their game. If they do, you survive to fight again.

If not, sorry, you’re dead!

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It’s getting a bit silly now, this season. I mean, how difficult can it be for the supposed heavyweights of English football to do what they’re supposed to do and win a game? At home. Against West Ham, for goodness sake.

Very difficult, clearly.

So yeah, thanks Liverpool. Thanks Chelsea. Thanks, to a lesser extent, Man Utd. Thanks for nothing. Actually, no. Thanks for -7.37 points, for -9.91 points, for -3.14 points. Honestly.

Your best bet for success at the moment is to somehow foresee these mishaps and get your points elsewhere. Those at the top of the Week 4 table managed to avoid lumping 10s on one of Chelsea or Liverpool. The one exception to that rule was 5th place JTP who countered with an impressive three scores, and by hitting with her other 10 and her 4. Aside from that, the next best punter who maxed out on the games at Stamford Bridge and Anfield was SteveH down in 14th place.

We have a three-way tie at the top this week with Bartmeister, Jennyg and Whistlin Bob all finishing with 28. Interestingly it’s the second time in this 4 week old season that Jennyg has topped the table with 28 points but this time she’ll not be celebrating with a visit to her local Amazon supermarket as, unfortunately for our trio of Punters of the Week, they all correctly predicted 1 score, so the tenner gets rolled over to next week. For shame! But well done to you all for a very decent score.

The League table is looking pretty pathetic, isn’t it. JB and Wainwright sit at the top with a paltry 43 points, then there’s nbs with 40, me in the early 30s (I wish) and and our two-time week-winner Jennyg on just 28 points. Champion Ian is nowhere to be seen, after his distinctly Chelsearian start to the campaign.

And the decimation continues in Sudden Death where were down to the last 4 punters in what is already the second game of the season. Craziness!

Any chance of us getting back to something resembling decent scores next week? It’s an international weekend, so no.


Your Predictions

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Game Home v Away Score Poss Win Result Poss Win
1 Luxembourg v Macedonia
2 Ukraine v Belarus
3 Spain v Slovakia
4 Estonia v Lithuania
5 San Marino v England
6 Switzerland v Slovenia
7 Russia v Sweden
8 Austria v Moldova
9 Montenegro v Liechtenstein
10 Crewe v Swindon
Total Points Bet:
Possible Winnings:

The tPs League

  Player ScP ReP w4 Total
1 JB -16 59 22 43 7th last week, a change of +6 positions
2 wainwright -4 47 4 43 1st last week, a change of -1 positions
3 nbs -28 68 10 40 Stays in the same position as last week
4 Rob -16 47 1 31 Stays in the same position as last week
5 Jennyg -10 38 28 28 18th last week, a change of +13 positions
6 Kev79 -4 31 13 27 12th last week, a change of +6 positions
7 Bob -10 35 10 25 11th last week, a change of +4 positions
8 Gripweed -10 35 -2 25 5th last week, a change of -3 positions
9 Squires -12 36 0 24 6th last week, a change of -3 positions
10 Bartmeister -4 26 28 22 21st last week, a change of +11 positions
11 Whistlin Bob -22 43 28 21 22nd last week, a change of +11 positions
12 smelling of roses -10 29 10 19 14th last week, a change of +2 positions
13 Jono -28 44 -5 16 8th last week, a change of -5 positions
14 Sparky -22 38 -17 16 2nd last week, a change of -12 positions
15 Adge -16 29 -2 13 9th last week, a change of -6 positions
16 Big Willie -16 29 -2 13 10th last week, a change of -6 positions
17 flookyflood -28 41 10 13 15th last week, a change of -2 positions
18 balls balls balls -8 10 0 2 17th last week, a change of -1 positions
19 FGFC -45 46 -8 1 13th last week, a change of -6 positions

ScP=Points from Scores, ReP=Points from Results.

Top Scores in Week 4

Player Points
Jennyg 28
Whistlin Bob 28
Bartmeister 28
JB 22
JTP 16
Kev79 13
flookyflood 10
nbs 10
Bob 10
Scoot 10
smelling of roses 10
pubcarparkninja 7
SteveH 7
Barnes 7
wainwright 4
stevenfisher83 4
cam 4
agentv 4
Stevemanics 4
Alicol 1

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