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It’s been a crazy, long, busy, weird weekend, and it’s late, so this will be a relatively short update with some housekeeping to go with the usual review of the weekend.

First up, congratulations to Flookyflood who dominated the scoring this week, winning with 64 points, a whopping 18 ahead of JB in second place. Flookyflood pretty much nailed it this weekend, hitting eight correct result and two scores. The results included 10s on Man City and Chelsea, plus 5s on Southampton’s bonkers 8-0 win and Liverpool’s last minute lunacy at QPR. Such was Flooky’s domination, he could even afford to waste a 5 point bet on Arsenal to win. A richly deserved £10 to spend at Amazon is winging its way to our worthy Punter of the Week.

In the League, Flookyflood’s win takes him 2 places up to the very top, knocking Jono from the summit and Ian from second place. In Matchplay, it’s as you were with Average Chris and Husseller both sitting pretty with six wins out of six. Ridiculously, I have had three draws from my six games! What are the chances?

There was quite a cull in Sudden Death with several punters backing Norwich and Arsenal. Eight punters remain to wade into another scrap next weekend.

Speaking of Sudden Death, we should have a couple of additions to tPs by the end of next weekend. The stats pages have been conspicuous by their absence this season, but they’re being tarted up and will be ready soon. Also in the pipeline is a Sudden Death widget which will mean you’ll be able to pick your team from the homepage. Hopefully you’ll already have noticed there is a whole cluster of awesomeness right below this text – a snippet from the league table, the top scores from the latest week, the prediction form, and a window into the Forum. There’s plenty for you to see and do if you scroll down, so get that mouse wheel turning!

— Rob —

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Game Home v Away Score Poss Win Result Poss Win
1 West Ham v Man City
2 Liverpool v Hull
3 Southampton v Stoke
4 Sunderland v Arsenal
5 West Brom v Crystal Palace
6 Swansea v Leicester
7 Burnley v Everton
8 Tottenham v Newcastle
9 Man Utd v Chelsea
10 Brighton v Rotherham
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The tPs League

  Player ScP ReP w10 Total
1 flookyflood -40 323 64 283 3rd last week, a change of +2 positions
2 Jono -70 347 40 277 1st last week, a change of -1 positions
3 Ian -10 284 40 274 2nd last week, a change of -1 positions
4 Whistlin Bob -40 282 25 242 Stays in the same position as last week
5 Wainwright -28 266 37 238 6th last week, a change of +1 positions
6 SteveH -46 278 31 232 5th last week, a change of -1 positions
7 AuntSallyPirateNanny -49 274 31 225 8th last week, a change of +1 positions
8 smelling of roses -58 275 37 217 12th last week, a change of +4 positions
9 Scoot -61 277 16 216 7th last week, a change of -2 positions
10 Rob -82 296 34 214 11th last week, a change of +1 positions
11 ricky smith -60 270 19 210 9th last week, a change of -2 positions
12 Big Willie -46 248 31 202 14th last week, a change of +2 positions
13 Gripweed -53 255 34 202 15th last week, a change of +2 positions
14 kp -26 228 34 202 16th last week, a change of +2 positions
15 ade -36 237 28 201 13th last week, a change of -2 positions
16 hazydame -41 237 34 196 18th last week, a change of +2 positions
17 Rhys S -69 256 40 187 23rd last week, a change of +6 positions
18 chriscol -82 263 34 181 22nd last week, a change of +4 positions
19 Stevemanics -76 257 28 181 20th last week, a change of +1 positions
20 Adge -31 211 0 180 10th last week, a change of -10 positions

ScP=Points from Scores, ReP=Points from Results.

Top Scores in Week 10

Player Points
flookyflood 64
JB 46
trelyons 43
Bob 43
Rhys S 40
Ian 40
Blue Stu 40
Kev79 40
Jono 40
Wainwright 37
Husseller 37
smelling of roses 37
Rob 34
Gripweed 34
kp 34
hazydame 34
PurpleMonkey 34
chriscol 34
SteveH 31
JTP 31

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Rob: I’m just working on getting the Stats pages back up, and I am thrilled to learn that I am top of the Ooh, So Close table :-) (25/10 09:43)

Rob: Morning all.

1) Like others I’m not sure I’ve had a bad holiday, only bad days in good holidays. PCPNs tale of being woken by early morning hymn singing reminds me of my brief stay in Vancouver. I booked in for two nights at a particular youth hostel I’d been recommended, but when I tried to go to bed on the first night I realised that my room was directly above a night club that stayed open until 4am. Not even rampant jet lag could lull me off to sleep. The second night, I picked up my toothbrush and some underwear, left the rest of my stuff where it was and went around the corner to the Holiday Inn and had one of the best night’s sleep of my life!

2) I think a London franchise could work, but only just. The fact that there are three NFL games at Wembley this year and they’ve all sold out is testament to the popularity of the game here. TBH I think they should aim to play somewhere other than Wembley, somewhere a little smaller and where there isn’t hallowed turf being damaged. We shall see. It’s a distinct possibility that it will happen.

3) I’ve had some excellent times in the US of A. Like Kev, I have my doubts as to whether I could live there due to the the right-slanted politics and religious fundamentalism, but aside from that there’s a lot to love about the place. The people are generally very welcoming, the food can be excellent, and there is some stunning scenery. Yosemite is glorious. Having travelled in North America on my own a little, I really like their bars. In pubs here you might get one or two locals who prop up the bar, but in the US they have seats at the bar, serve food at the bar, you can chat to all sorts of interesting types.

4) Interestingly, I was talking to my older brother about our relationship last night, Kev. It seems you and I know each other thanks to him – he was colleagues with Marko. I really like how tPs has led to new friendships, it’s very cool. As for Barnes and PCPN, meeting a random bunch of Swindon fans who all happened to be superb people was a wonderful thing – thanks Brett! As for Ian, I have no idea how I ended up with that reprobate ;-)

5) I don’t know what’s happening. (25/10 09:33)

pubcarparkninja: Friday Fun Five

1. Just had a think and I really can’t think of one, odd bits of a holiday have been bad like noise, bed, food, facilities but I don’t think I’ve ever had a whole rotten holiday, even all the way back to my youth of basic caravans with my parents in Devon or Cornwall. Worst single occasion was a night in a grotty hotel in Liverpool after watching LFC vs Spurs, me and two mates paid £70 ish for single rooms, I had a disgracefully thin mattress on a knackered old bed, I dragged the mattress off onto the floor for my nights sleep as it was slightly comfier. The toilet seat was cracked almost in half and it was pretty draughty and grotty. Then the best moment was being woken around 7:30am by a load of born again Christians singing vehemently in the conference room right below my room, gaaaahhhhh. Then breakfast was pretty cheap and basic too.

2. I try to keep an eye on the NFL scores and what’s going on but don’t get time to watch whole matches, or even the highlights packages. As an idea I think it’s good, it’s an interesting idea to broaden UK sports fans views of the sports, and there’s likely enough American citizens and  intersted residents in the UK to make it viable. Dare I suggest a UK based team travelling the UK for matches? How about the British Bulldogs, Great Britan Gladiators, UK Unicorns, UKIP Kippers, playing their home games at Wembley, Millennium Stadium, Murrayfield, Old Trafford, Windsor Park, Emirates, Etihad, St James’ and Olympic Stadium, among others? I think that could work, and also help protect Wembley from being churned up for England matches. But the FA need to pay off the bills so I don’t think my plan will work.

3. I’m quite a fan of America to be fair. I have been a fan of American wrestling for years, was a big NFL fan in my youth. I have only ever been to the USA once which was New York in 2000 which was amazing, I saw so much, and experienced so much it’s still probably my favourite city in the world. I would love to see more, all the major attractions especially the west coast drive taking in San Francisco, la, San Diego etc… No great desire to see Disneyland, universal etc but there’s a lot of the land to see. I like a lot of American music from grunge to heavy metal, I like a lot of American films, I’d say my top 5 are likely to be American (Monty Python holy grail may slip in there). I also like the extremeness of their food, big fat burgers, ribs, fries, doughnuts, as Homer said mmmmm fried cheese. So favourite things, American pro wrestling or New York City. 

4. Well I’m just gonna copy and paste Barnes’ answer to this one as we met in the same situation. “I was introduced to Mr Rob through a friend of his, Brett Alderton, with whom Barnes and I shared a house with at the time. Being an enlightened and discerning sort of Gent (i.e. a Swindon Town fan) I was inevitably going to get along with him famously.” Ian, I have met with Rob, a couple of times at Swindon matches but never had a chance for a proper old chin wag.

5. A quick Google, Ralph McTell, the Streets of London, marvellous. Now one of my offices is based in Old Street I’ll get to see much more of the streets of London when working there. Especially the rather good street food market on Whitecross Street. (25/10 08:25)

Kev79: 1. Today is my last day of paternity leave, which hasn’t always been as calm as I would have liked. Which got me thinking – what’s your worst ever holiday?

Barnes, it was fine really. The first two days were in hospital, and there were four hellish days in the middle due to tongue-tie mis-diagnosis. And I lost about half a day keeping on top of work email. So there is a part of my that begrudges paying my company two week’s salary for what turned out to be 3.5 enjoyable days out of 10!

My worst holiday was probably this summer’s trip to Italy. A trip for 3 people, with car, flights and house all booked in my name. Ended up reluctantly flying out without my wife, who was dealing with a family bereavement and joined us 3 days later. Pranged the hire car on day one driving on Italy’s mental roads with it’s hellish drivers, which ended up costing best part of £800. House was a huge disappointment, borderline mis-sold, vastly over-priced for what it was. Thunderstorms for 3 of the 7 days, power cut for 1 of the days. Middle of nowhere, difficult to get anywhere, everything over-priced. Came home very disappointed, very stressed and close to £3k poorer.

2. The NFL is in London this weekend. Do you think an NFL Franchise based in London would work? Do you even care?

It’s a lovely idea, but no. It’s one thing visitng once a year for a laugh to see a random team. Who would go 8 times a year though?

3. Sticking to the America theme – what’s your favourite thing about America? Favourite City?

I find holidaying in America quite relaxing. The food, language and culture are familiar, the customer service is good. Not sure I could live there, for various political reasons, but I love visiting there. I absolutely love baseball, probably my favourite sport, and have got into NFL as well. New York is my favourite city, for multiple reasons, not least I have a good friend there and therefore know it the best and support the Yankees off the back of it. But I’ve visited and thoroughly enjoyed San Francisco, Seattle, Boston, DC and Philadelphia. Also been to Vegas for a stag do, which was fun but left me feeling conflicted about it as a city.

4. tPs co-runner Rob and I are off to Wembley for the NFL game this weekend. Which got me thinking – what’s your relationship to/with the partners in crime?

I got invited to tPs by Marko, I think, since when I’ve gotten to know Rob and Ian moderately well. I’ve been to at least a couple of Swindon games with them (Accy Stanley and Stockport, that I can remember), plus NFL with Rob and Green Day @ Wembley with Ian (albeit that one was a bit of a coincidence, but we still went for a beer whilst there).

5. So how can you tell me you’re lonely, and say for you that the sun don’t shine?

Let me take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London. I’ll show you something that will make you change your mind.

(Sorry, it’s been on a constant loop in my head for the last two weeks. I think it’s my mind’s way of telling me to snap out of it when I start to feel sorry for myself about the sleepless nights, dirty nappies etc. Ie: “eff off and quit your whining, you ain’t got it so bad”) (25/10 07:35)

Barnes: 1) I did a skiing holiday to Andorra with about a dozen friends, we were doing it on the cheap so went for 2 self-catering apartments sleeping 6 to 8 each, in bunks. Skiing was fine, but the accommodation was basic and bijou to put it kindly, and we ate out in some dodgy establishments. The result was that at least half of us came down with something. The transfer back to the airport seemed more like being in a field hospital than on a coach trip.

2) As it happens, this morning I spotted some of the Atlanta Falcons team from my office window walking into St James’ Park for a photoshoot! I don’t know enough about the game to have any idea whether a London team would be viable. The main issue would of course be coming up with a suitable name. ‘The London Pigeons’? , ‘The London Stand-on-the-Righters’? , ‘The London Property Bubbles’?. Help me out here.

3) My favourite thing about America (the USA) is that I don’t have to live there. The car is king. Pedestrians are almost vermin. Because of this New York is probably my favourite City, as it is does have mass-transit public transport. However I have only ever been to NY and Las Vegas (changing planes in San Francisco don’t count) so only have a very limited knowledge.

4) I was introduced to Mr Rob through a friend of his – with whom I shared a house with at the time. Being an enlightened and discerning sort of Gent (i.e. a Swindon Town fan) I was inevitably going to get along with him famously.

5) Whether the weather be cold, or whether the weather be hot. We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather. Whether we like it or not. (24/10 14:31)