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After the first international weekend of the season, and us lot having to wade through a bunch of League One and League Two fixtures, the Premier League returned bringing a stack of goals, a first win of the season for Man Utd, and Liverpool returning to pre-2013/14 form. Scoring was decent this weekend, with just 5 punters failing to register positive returns.

It all began with one of the ties of the weekend – Man City at Arsenal. It was a game that didn’t disappoint, and the home side went pretty close to pulling out a fine win over the Champions despite falling behind. Maybe Arsenal won’t be quite so useless against their top-of-the-table peers this season. The draw was well fancied with 20 punters predicting stalemate.

Things looked like they might go pear-shaped when Swansea took the lead at Chelsea. Scoring would have taken a heck of a battering had the Swans held on, but that man Costa did it again, this time stepping up with a hat-trick. Unsurprisingly, this produced the biggest profit of the weekend, 14.04 points on average.

Perhaps more surprising given their form so far this season was the second most popular result of the weekend, Man Utd’s home win over QPR. The Red Devils finally clicked, albeit against pretty abject opposition, and their top-heavy squad had some fun with a side who are looking like shipping quite a few goals this season. One brave punter thought that the home sides woes would continue (hard luck Cray Reds!) but everyone else got this one right leading to an average score of 11.14 points.

Congratulations to Cam, this week’s Punter of the Week who scored 52 points. While he failed to get a correct score this week, he did nail seven of his ten result predictions. He missed out on Leicester’s win at Stoke, the draw at Sunderland and, like everyone else, Villa’s win at Liverpool. But he got the rest right, including 10s on Chelsea, Everton and Man Utd. Nice work, sunshine, you take £10 to spend at Amazon and a ten place rise in the League.

Elsewhere, Average Chris and JB faced the reaper in the latest round of Sudden Death. Sadly they both failed to pick a winner, so duly snuffed it. The game will be reset and we’ll all be brought back to life in time for next weekend!

— Rob —

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Game Home v Away Score Poss Win Result Poss Win
1 QPR v Stoke
2 Aston Villa v Arsenal
3 Burnley v Sunderland
4 Newcastle v Hull
5 Swansea v Southampton
6 Tottenham v West Brom
7 West Ham v Liverpool
8 Leicester v Man Utd
9 Everton v Crystal Palace
10 Man City v Chelsea
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Possible Winnings:

The tPs League

  Player ScP ReP w5 Total
1 Whistlin Bob -8 159 40 151 2nd last week, a change of +1 positions
2 Jono -32 166 25 134 5th last week, a change of +3 positions
3 SteveH -20 151 25 131 7th last week, a change of +4 positions
4 Ian -14 139 16 125 Stays in the same position as last week
5 AgentV -22 146 10 124 1st last week, a change of -4 positions
6 hazydame -9 131 13 122 3rd last week, a change of -3 positions
7 Gripweed -27 140 43 113 13th last week, a change of +6 positions
8 Scoot -26 139 4 113 6th last week, a change of -2 positions
9 Wainwright -20 124 34 104 14th last week, a change of +5 positions
10 ade -26 127 28 101 12th last week, a change of +2 positions
11 chriscol -48 143 19 95 10th last week, a change of -1 positions
12 JB -26 121 7 95 8th last week, a change of -4 positions
13 Rob -44 136 28 92 22nd last week, a change of +9 positions
14 Kev79 -15 104 13 89 11th last week, a change of -3 positions
15 smelling of roses -32 121 40 89 32nd last week, a change of +17 positions
16 Adge -42 128 19 86 15th last week, a change of -1 positions
17 flookyflood -14 100 22 86 20th last week, a change of +3 positions
18 Crouching Hippo -38 121 16 83 16th last week, a change of -2 positions
19 kp -18 101 19 83 21st last week, a change of +2 positions
20 Rhys S -41 124 16 83 17th last week, a change of -3 positions

ScP=Points from Scores, ReP=Points from Results.

Top Scores in Week 5

Player Points
Cam 52
useless 48
Gripweed 43
smelling of roses 40
Whistlin Bob 40
Bob 40
Bartmeister 37
Wainwright 34
The Buks 31
Royal_Spiders 28
Boycott 28
Rob 28
paveyjojo 28
ade 28
Jono 25
SteveH 25
clarep 25
Blue Stu 25
Husseller 25
Stevemanics 22

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Kev79: 1) Welbeck: Good deal for Arsenal? Bad deal for United? Both? Vice versa? What do you think?

Well, he was a long way down the United pecking order, so from their perspective that’s £16m well earned. I suppose he could come good for Arsenal…..but personally, I think he’s suffered the typical ‘English player young and okay’ hype that afflicts so many. I think he could be another Walcott……someone with the ego to claim he is at his best at centre-forward without ever showing the ruthlessness to prove he deserves to play centre-forward. I don’t see him as an out-and-out centre-forward, which means Arsenal have signed yet another attacking midfielder who won’t score the goals they need.

2) If Spurs are going to be unable to use White Hart Lane for a season, where should they play?

Wembley seems the most sensible – if not the only – option.

3) Who is the best player you’ve seen playing live (as in at the stadium, not on TV)?

McManaman exhibited some silky skills when I saw him play at Highbury. Djorkaef scored the best goal I’ve ever seen live – an overhead kick right in front of NBS and I at The Valley. Not sure if I was lucky enough to see Litmanem play at Anfield in his brief cameo at Liverpool – possibly. I’ve seen some elite players play at The Etihad – Aguero, Tevez et al, plus visiting teams such as Real, Bayern etc. I’m tempted to say David Silva though – at his best his vision is astounding and the ball sticks to his foot.

4) If you could (can?) vote in the Scottish Referendum, would it be an Aye or a Nae from you?

I fear for Scotland economicaly if they go it alone. But I am envious that they have the opportunity to deliver a resounding piss off to Westminster and the various identikit pro-elite parties that reside there. That said, let’s be honest the debate now has descended to nationalism, a sentiment I am deeply distrustful of. These days I don’t even get that interested in international sport, just because of the negative nationalistic undertones that so often accompany it. It’s simply ludicrous that – had I been born 26 miles South of where I was – there are people who sincerely believe that this would make me a lesser/better person by virtue of being French. People say that are ‘proud’ to be “xxxx” – why? You didn’t contribute to it? You didn’t earn it? It doesn’t define you, it’s just a quirk of fate.

5) Won’t you take me to Funky Town? (12/09 14:26)

Is Funky a pseudonym for Swindon? (14/09 20:06)

pubcarparkninja: And a reset on Sudden Death as two punters go crashing out, with Liverpool and Spurs you’d have thought they’d have been asked to come back next week, but no, the EPL gods deigned not to grant that.

Another mixed bag of results this week, the week I lose faith in Man Utd and just put 1 and 1 on their game, they thump QPR. Dagnammit. (14/09 19:39)

Rob: This is ridiculous! What are the chances of getting two draws out of two in Matchplay? Not amused. (14/09 17:57)

pubcarparkninja: 1) Welbeck: Good deal for Arsenal? Bad deal for United? Both? Vice versa? What do you think?
Great deal for Arsenal, who knows, two £16m players could be the signings of the summer, inc. Balotelli. I also take LVG’s point that his goal percentage is poor compared to RVP and Rooney, so coupled with signing arguably the world’s best striker there was no room for him. He was surplus to requirements at Man Utd so why not let him go, the surprising thing was going to a competitor for the top 4 spots in Arsenal. Surely Hull, Everton or Sunderland (rumoured to want him) would have been more sensible. If he plays up front as sole striker with a mix of Sanchez, Ozil, Ramsey, Ox, Walcott and Wilshere behind him, he could easily bag 20+ this season. 

2) If Spurs are going to be unable to use White Hart Lane for a season, where should they play?
Well, I’ve heard various stadiums mooted on this, most likely is Wembley, then shockingly stadium MK is 2nd, agreed it would be highly unlikely for Spurs to share with Arsenal or West Ham. I have also heard Twickenham and the Oval suggested, nooooooo way. So seems like it’ll be Wembley, at least it may give away fans a chance to see their team at Spurs, as long as they give them a decent allocation as I’ve heard getting tix at WHL is very hard. Wembley seems the most sensible, I’m sure the FA will enjoy the gate receipts and pay off some of the exorbitant build debt so it could work for all parties.

3) Who is the best player you’ve seen playing live (as in at the stadium, not on TV)?
The best performance of a world star I have seen was when Liverpool played Barcelona in the champs league in late 2001, Owen put Liverpool one up, then Rivaldo seemed to single handedly drive Barcelona back into the match to win 3-1. That’s how I remember it anyway. So that’s based on performance. But looking at the team sheet I also saw Kluivert, Overmars and Xavi that night, not to mention Gerrard, Owen and Fowler for Liverpool. I have seen Liverpool a few times over the years so I have seen Liverpool legends Dalglish, Rush, Gerrard, Hansen and Biscan over the years.

But based on world elite players I have seen live, I think it has to be Diego Maradona.

I had the fortune of being at the old Wembley in 1987 for a friendly match, Football League vs Rest of the World for the football league’s centenary. Maradona, Linekar and Platini played for RotW, Shilton, Robson and Waddle on the FL team, and the FL won 3-0, I also remember Pele beng a dignitary there so I’ve been in ‘close’ proximity to some amazing stars. I was 11 then so don’t think I quite appreciated the size of it.

4) If you could (can?) vote in the Scottish Referendum, would it be an Aye or a Nae from you?
I think I’d go for a Nae. It’s a tough one, as I don’t live there or have any Scottish connection I’m very much independent to the strengths and weaknesses of it. On a purely personal note, if it makes going to the Edinburgh festival harder, I.e. Passports, new currency etc, then that’s my only gripe, as pathetic as that is. Good luck to them, whatever they do. Having 100 odd pompous, enabled and entitled Westminster MPs rock up to my country in the week before a vote would probably swing me to a Yes however.

5) Won’t you take me to Funky Town?
Sorry my car ran out of oil, I’ve got some now, but Funky Town is quite a long way. Get the Megabus, it’s only a £1.  (12/09 22:22)

Stevemanics: 1. It could be either. Interesting that Wenger came out this week saying he wouldn’t personally have signed Welbeck – it was done while he was spending the day reffing a charity match. He’s not a goal-scorer at all but I didn’t want him to go because his pace causes trouble for defenders and creates space for others.

2. Wembley if they’re allowed.

3. Tough one. I’ve seen the likes of Giggs, Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Keane, Veron, Blanc, Ferdinand, Solskjaer, Neville, Vidic, Van Der Saar, Carrick, Rooney, Berbatov, Evra (when he was actually good), Nani (likewise), Schmeichel (for City rather than United), Gerrard, Carragher, etc. I think I’d have to say Scholes though.

4. Nae.

5. I thought we were already there. (12/09 22:20)