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Wainwright’s Hat-Trick!

The tPs Burning Hot Question of the Week

What’s your number one football ground no-no?

  • Popping off for a Twix in the middle of the game (40%, 4 Votes)
  • The half-and-half both teams scarf (40%, 4 Votes)
  • That Arsenal fan who added a captain’s armband to his replica kit (20%, 2 Votes)
  • Screaming as the opponent threatens your goal (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 10


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Sudden Death

Sudden Death is a bare-knuckle scrap between you and the Grim Reaper.

Select a different team each week to win their game. If they do, you survive to fight again.

If not, sorry, you’re dead!

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I’m finding it hard to describe the current state of the Premier League season. There are only a few games left and usually by this time we’re enjoying silly season where form tends to go out of the window and predictions become harder and harder. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t really feel like that at the moment. The only side down at the brown end of the table who looks to have a belly full of fight is Leicester – they’ve got the fourth best form in the league and have punched their way to a position of safety. So their wins have less been the seemingly random happenings that come at this time of the year and more just a really decent run.

If it’s not silly season, then this week went to plan, right? Lots of nice high scores? Er, no. It was a horrible weekend for punters, with just five making it into positive territory. The reason for this was a story of stalemate – half of the results this week were draws. Dividend Forecast: Possible Jackpot.

Climbing to the top of a relatively low hill this week was Wainwright with 34 points. Wainwright was the only punter to hit the target with two 10 point bets, namely the wins for Swansea and Man City. Three other results and a single score topped up the total and provided a winning margin of 24 points over Gripweed in second.

This is Wainwright’s third Punter of the Week performance which takes his Amazonian winnings to an eye-watering £30. And that looks likely to increase as this week’s resulted in a rise of 2 places in the League to 3rd. Excellent stuff!

In other news, the draw for next week’s tPs Cup semi-final has been made. Bob takes on JennyG while Jono faces Flookyflood, all trying to make it to the two-legged final which will take place in the last two weeks of the season.

And finally, two punters were still alive going into this weekend’s round of Sudden Death, and both perished. Oh dear. So it’s time for us to all re-spawn ready for another dust-up starting next weekend. Fun!


Your Predictions

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Game Home v Away Score Poss Win Result Poss Win
1 Leicester v Newcastle
2 Aston Villa v Everton
3 Liverpool v QPR
4 Sunderland v Southampton
5 Swansea v Stoke
6 West Ham v Burnley
7 Man Utd v West Brom
8 Chelsea v Crystal Palace
9 Tottenham v Man City
10 Charlton v Bournemouth
Total Points Bet:
Possible Winnings:

The tPs League

  Player ScP ReP w35 Total
1 Ian -77 1105 -14 1028 Stays in the same position as last week
2 Jono -158 1126 -17 968 Stays in the same position as last week
3 Wainwright -80 1033 34 953 5th last week, a change of +2 positions
4 Kev79 -69 998 -11 929 Stays in the same position as last week
5 flookyflood -110 1036 -20 926 3rd last week, a change of -2 positions
6 Whistlin Bob -96 1012 8 916 Stays in the same position as last week
7 Scoot -114 1003 -14 889 8th last week, a change of +1 positions
8 SteveH -94 983 -17 889 7th last week, a change of -1 positions
9 Gripweed -88 975 10 887 Stays in the same position as last week
10 Rob -158 1000 -8 842 Stays in the same position as last week
11 kp -109 942 -5 833 Stays in the same position as last week
12 Stevemanics -146 973 1 827 Stays in the same position as last week
13 pubcarparkninja -135 932 -11 797 Stays in the same position as last week
14 chriscol -184 965 -20 781 Stays in the same position as last week
15 Crouching Hippo -125 904 -14 779 Stays in the same position as last week
16 Average Chris -127 897 -17 770 Stays in the same position as last week
17 Blue Stu -139 909 -5 770 18th last week, a change of +1 positions
18 smelling of roses -170 940 -14 770 17th last week, a change of -1 positions
19 Bob -126 885 -14 759 Stays in the same position as last week
20 Rhys S -215 943 -17 728 Stays in the same position as last week

ScP=Points from Scores, ReP=Points from Results.

Top Scores in Week 35

Player Points
Wainwright 34
Gripweed 10
Whistlin Bob 8
Stevemanics 1
The Buks 0
useless 0
ricky smith 0
clarep 0
timellis18 0
paveyjojo 0
Tim 0
trelyons 0
AuntSallyPirateNanny 0
Stickinthemud 0
Husseller 0
hazydame 0
JB 0
njstone9 0
Scott B 0

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Barnes: Ever since Australia became better than us again, it seems. Doesn’t seem fair somehow. (27/04 16:21)

Rob: Wait, we’ve got the Ashes again this summer?! When did this become an annual contest? (27/04 12:02)

Barnes: Late reply to the FFF

1) Not on your (or anyone’s) Nelly

2) I’ve never been a great runner. Probably about 5km – never measured it, through the woods near Cirencester Park.

3) Still holding (to my knowledge) the all-comers record for the S.E. Gloucestershire cub-scout’s 50m sack race. Unfortunately I don’t think that the IAAF ever ratified it.

4) Answering this on Monday morning makes this answer a little bit easier, Burnley and QPR are pretty much gone. I have a funny feeling that Sunderland might scrape above the line with a record low points score, a lot will depend on what sort of effort Chelsea make in their last game of the season with the title in the bag. Maybe Leicester to drop despite their recent heroics. New blood, Watford Bournemouth, and, erm, coin, straws, lots… Norwich in the play-offs. Derby to miss out yet again.

5) Gotta be the Ashes. Be afraid, be very afraid. (27/04 09:55)

Kev79: Liverpool – so bad Steve moaned at them twice! (27/04 05:59)

Stevemanics: Fifth place for scoring one point :-) An exact score and three correctly predicted draws. Bloody Liverpool, Palace and Liverpool though! (27/04 00:14)