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He’s a bit good isn’t he, that Marko. It’s the second time this season that, when things are looking tough, he’s stepped up and made it look easy. Back in Week 6 when most of us were flapping about well below the zero line, and three poor saps scored the dreaded minus fifty, Marko popped up with ten points on Man City 1 – 1 Chelsea. That was classic Marko: Two correctly predicted games, one correct score, ten points on it and he wins the week.

Although this weekend was nothing like as bad as the Week 6 massacre, it surely was tricky. Whilst it was undoubtably funny, Man City’s 2-1 defeat at West Ham (what the hell has happened to West Ham?!) was bad news for punters. None of us saw that coming, although thanks to their uncharacteristically good recent form, seven punters did fancy a draw at the Boleyn Ground. So a shutout on the first game, costing us an average of -8.2 points each.

Then in the 3pm games, Liverpool continued being rubbish and their failure to win at home to Hull set us back just shy of -5 points a piece. The rest of the day went smoothly enough, and the wins for Southampton and Arsenal yielded some decent returns.

Sunday was a complete washout. United’s late leveller against Chelsea led to a -2 loss on average after the vast majority of punters backed the away side. And before that there was Newcastle who amazingly journeyed down to Spurs and came away with a win. Bloody typical Spurs. That one cost us -5.11 on average.

So quite a mixed bag this weekend. You did well to get into the 20s and just two managed to nudge above 30. However, thanks to three correct scores including 4 on the 1-1 at Old Trafford and 10 on Arsenal’s 2-0 up north, Marko absolutely smashed it with a final score of 55. An excellent Punter of the Week performance and a £10 Amazon voucher well deserved.

In the League, Ian snuck back to the top after his impressive 31 points, and in Sudden Death we’re down to just four punters after Man City and Liverpool let down Blue Stu and Jono.

— Rob —

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Game Home v Away Score Poss Win Result Poss Win
1 Newcastle v Liverpool
2 Arsenal v Burnley
3 Chelsea v QPR
4 Everton v Swansea
5 Hull v Southampton
6 Leicester v West Brom
7 Stoke v West Ham
8 Man City v Man Utd
9 Aston Villa v Tottenham
10 Wolves v Birmingham
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Possible Winnings:

The tPs League

  Player ScP ReP w11 Total
1 Ian -14 319 31 305 3rd last week, a change of +2 positions
2 flookyflood -44 334 7 290 1st last week, a change of -1 positions
3 Jono -80 364 7 284 2nd last week, a change of -1 positions
4 SteveH -44 298 22 254 6th last week, a change of +2 positions
5 Whistlin Bob -38 281 1 243 4th last week, a change of -1 positions
6 ricky smith -64 296 22 232 11th last week, a change of +5 positions
7 Wainwright -20 250 -8 230 5th last week, a change of -2 positions
8 AuntSallyPirateNanny -49 274 0 225 7th last week, a change of -1 positions
9 kp -18 239 19 221 14th last week, a change of +5 positions
10 Gripweed -63 275 10 212 13th last week, a change of +3 positions
11 Rhys S -73 285 25 212 17th last week, a change of +6 positions
12 Rob -86 295 -5 209 10th last week, a change of -2 positions
13 The Buks -20 229 37 209 23rd last week, a change of +10 positions
14 Scoot -65 273 -8 208 9th last week, a change of -5 positions
15 Big Willie -50 256 4 206 12th last week, a change of -3 positions
16 Adge -41 240 19 199 20th last week, a change of +4 positions
17 Kev79 -27 224 25 197 22nd last week, a change of +5 positions
18 hazydame -45 233 -8 188 16th last week, a change of -2 positions
19 AgentV -76 263 22 187 24th last week, a change of +5 positions
20 smelling of roses -62 247 -32 185 8th last week, a change of -12 positions

ScP=Points from Scores, ReP=Points from Results.

Top Scores in Week 11

Player Points
Marko 55
The Buks 37
Ian 31
pubcarparkninja 28
Royal_Spiders 28
useless 27
Rhys S 25
Kev79 25
Scott B 25
Boycott 25
PurpleMonkey 23
AgentV 22
Cam 22
ricky smith 22
SteveH 22
JTP 19
kp 19
JB 19
Adge 19
JennyG 16

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Stevemanics: Just to add, although I know the song mainly from Watership Down I did not get the link. And an alternative answer to the question would be because they’ve replaced the bulb with an energy-saver. (31/10 21:44)

Stevemanics: 1. Agree with others who’ve said they don’t exist.

2. I cheated to find some: Spider Webb (F1), George & Cedric Wolfman (Baseball), Michael Myers (NFL) and Mike Myers (Baseball), Spook Jacobs (Baseball), Hal Mumme (American college football coach).

3. Luckiest ones I remember were in games I was playing in. One was actually scored by me. Unfortunately I was the keeper. Made a good save on one side of the goal, scrambled across to get to the rebound and it hit the bar, hit me and went in. The other saw a defender somehow get back to get a last-gasp block in, the shot ricocheted off the striker’s legs towards goal where the keeper made a great reaction save, only for the ball to come back off the post, hit him in the back and go in.

4. John Surtees won several world championships in motorcycling before moving to 4 wheels and winning the F1 title – still the only man to win both.

5. Briiiight eyes. Heard that 2 or 3 times in the last couple of weeks while listening to the Manics on my iPod. JDB has covered it well. (31/10 20:44)

Barnes: 1) The only things that go bump in the night are busses passing over sleeping policemen outside my house.

2) I honestly thought that this was going to be an easy question, but perhaps not. Ermmm… William Webb-Ellis? A toffee apple to anyone who comes up with a better answer than Rob.

3) Some pretty filthy finishes in the lower leagues as Rob says, knees, arses and elbows. On TV it would have to be the Sunderland winner against Liverpool that came off the beach ball!

4) A few have switches codes in Rugby notably Jason Robinson, and Jonathan Davies. Perhaps one of the more remarkable is Rebecca Romero who has won world championships in rowing and cycling, and silver and gold at the Olympics in these events. I won’t bore you any further with accomplishments of the greatest ever English sportsman C.B. Fry But possibly the oddest dual sportsman ever (also still playing) would have to be Dirk Nannes who has represented Australia at both Cricket and skiing.

5) Did you see what I did there with Watership Down and the South Sydney Rabbitohs? Well, please yourself then. (31/10 15:48)

Rob: 1) I have seen a ghost! And I ate it. It was a white chocolate ghost I got from a nice colleague who was going round the office handing out treats. If a ghost is an apparition of unknown origin such as a reflection or shadow, unwittingly processed by the sub-conscious mind as an independent being from the afterlife, sadly no. And ghosts in the literal sense are, as Kev says, not real.

2) Boo Weekley.

3) Hmm, not sure of specifics but any number of in-off-the-arse type ricochets over the years. I’ve seen plenty of Division Four football.

4) I like it when Ronnie O’Sullivan switches from right hand to left. Also, any BDO darter who switched to PDC to take the Sky dollar.

5) It’s an optical illusion. Someone opened the curtains so it look paler, but it’s burning just as bright, Barnes. (31/10 14:11)

Kev79: 1. No, because they don’t exist, end of. Next.

2. Former Wimbledon manager Bobby Ghould.

3. I suppose it depends on your definition of fortunate, but Aguerro last minute vs QPR was pretty fortunate, in terms of repurcussions of missing. In terms of lucky….well, it was on TV rather than me being there in person, but I recall Rio Ferdinand scoring a last minute winner at Anfield a few year’s back with a header from a set peice for which he was widely lauded by the commentators…….the only issue being that he’d missed it with his head and it had looped in off of his back/shoulder blade.

4. Ian Botham probably did well to give up football in favour of cricket. Julian Dicks ended up a pretty handy golfer after giving up football. Ed Smith gave baseball a try and then wrote a book about it. And various chess players male and female have had success in poker, if that counts. Also, anybody who does chess-boxing is technically changing sport every round. I suppose you could say the same about decathletes.

5. Because somebody blew the candle out? (31/10 13:13)