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Evening all. Just a brief update this evening because a) I’ve been on the Old Speckled Hen all day and have a headache, b) Ian’s just told me he has to go and check on a one-week-old’s bottom (I presume this was his son he was referring to), and c) I have no idea what happened in the majority of the football this weekend.

What I do know is that there were two 0-0s that really screwed us over this weekend. The first was San Marino’s stalemate against Estonia. San Marino have been the European whipping boys for yonks and generally get thorough spanking every time they take to the field. Amazingly, not everyone backed the away side, so three punters got points from this result. The rest of us, including 17 punters who put the full ten on Estonia, lost an average of 5.23 points.

The other was Wales’ Sunday game against Belgium. The taffs aren’t all bad these days but still the home side were massive favourites for the win, and this one cost us 4.60 on average.

Other than that, things went mostly to plan. Spain’s win was very popular, as was England’s, when it finally arrived. This week’s Punter of the Week is Crouching Hippo thanks to a superb 82 points. His excellent performance included a ten point double on the Spain game: Ten on the result, and ten on the 3-0 score. Brilliant stuff, and definitely worthy of the £10 Amazon prize. Well done!

— Ian —

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Game Home v Away Score Poss Win Result Poss Win
1 Chelsea v West Brom
2 Everton v West Ham
3 Leicester v Sunderland
4 Man City v Swansea
5 Newcastle v QPR
6 Stoke v Burnley
7 Arsenal v Man utd
8 Crystal Palace v Liverpool
9 Hull v Tottenham
10 Watford v Derby
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The tPs League

  Player ScP ReP w14 Total
1 Ian -14 439 43 425 Stays in the same position as last week
2 flookyflood -44 433 46 389 Stays in the same position as last week
3 kp -25 402 79 377 6th last week, a change of +3 positions
4 Jono -98 463 34 365 Stays in the same position as last week
5 Whistlin Bob -38 398 28 360 3rd last week, a change of -2 positions
6 SteveH -62 418 52 356 5th last week, a change of -1 positions
7 Gripweed -57 395 58 338 9th last week, a change of +2 positions
8 Wainwright -26 364 61 338 10th last week, a change of +2 positions
9 Scoot -65 387 31 322 7th last week, a change of -2 positions
10 Adge -50 369 61 319 11th last week, a change of +1 positions
11 Kev79 -27 320 40 293 12th last week, a change of +1 positions
12 ricky smith -54 342 0 288 8th last week, a change of -4 positions
13 Sparky -70 357 43 287 18th last week, a change of +5 positions
14 Rhys S -98 382 31 284 13th last week, a change of -1 positions
15 Rob -98 379 34 281 16th last week, a change of +1 positions
16 chriscol -69 346 40 277 20th last week, a change of +4 positions
17 Stevemanics -98 373 28 275 Stays in the same position as last week
18 Bob -52 326 25 274 14th last week, a change of -4 positions
19 AuntSallyPirateNanny -73 339 25 266 Stays in the same position as last week
20 smelling of roses -74 337 43 263 25th last week, a change of +5 positions

ScP=Points from Scores, ReP=Points from Results.

Top Scores in Week 14

Player Points
Crouching Hippo 82
kp 79
Adge 61
Wainwright 61
Gripweed 58
Average Chris 55
Scott B 52
PurpleMonkey 52
Royal_Spiders 52
SteveH 52
timellis18 52
Cray Reds 52
Cam 49
flookyflood 46
pubcarparkninja 46
smelling of roses 43
alicol 43
Sparky 43
Ian 43
Kev79 40

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Barnes: Also it has to be said of the Scotland Vs England game, it flowed like few games I have seen in years. At one point in the 2nd half when we wanted to substitute Wellbeck for his suspect hamstring it took about 5 mins before there was a natural break in play. Hats off to both the referee (Swedish?) and both sets of players, fully committed but not a hint of play-acting / over reaction. (21/11 12:56)

Barnes: 1) I was most impressed by the performance, even Smalling didn’t look too bad (except when he clumsily flattened one of his teammates – possibly Shaw – down the left wing in the 1st half – hilarious). What they need to do now is string together some consistent displays. I’d say they have hit the breaking zone pretty well and have turned in nicely towards the apex, but still need to apply the power successfully.

2) I’m not much of a fan of ‘positives’, but am quite partial to a ‘brace’ and ‘stalwart’.

3) I don’t care enough about F1 to be exercised by this rule change other than it is arbitrary in the extreme. I can just about remember the days of 2 points for a win in football. This change seems to have been universally lauded. How about the years in the late when the play offs consisted of the 3 teams just below promotion and the 1 team from the league above just above relegation. Whacky.

4) I’ll see your ‘Roast’ and raise you a ‘Stuffing’ (preferably chestnut).

5) In that case it will be a pint of 6X instead barman. (21/11 12:52)

Barnes: Afternoon Bert (21/11 12:52)

Rob: Morning Barnio,

1) I was really pleased with the performance against the wildlings. Despite playing reasonably well recently they’ve looked lacklustre and I was worried they’d be blitzed. But they were really up for it and totally dominated the game. Yes, it was against a bunch of minnows, but you simply cannot just look at the relative abilities of the squads when it comes to England Scotland games, there’s much more to it than that. Have they turned a corner? I’d say they’re turning a corner. As I’ve said before, I’ll be satisfied as an England fan when we can watch them, win or lose, and feel that they gave their all and played to the best of their ability. We’re slowly getting there I think.

2) Blatter. In that I wish it was never used again.

3) They seem to faff about with the scoring in things like squash and badders, don’t they. Confusing. Other than that, I’m not aware of any, except for the aforementioned annual F1 twatting about.

4) I love a good roast – smirk!

5) Don’t worry, they’ll be back in the spring. (21/11 10:17)

Barnes: Friday Fun Five. Back to form this week…

1) Pretty convincing 1-3 in Celtic for England. Have they turned a corner?

2) What is the most overused word in football reporting?

3) Teflon Bernie has doubled the points for the last Grand Prix of the season. What is the most obscure points / scoring system that you can remember being piloted in any sport?

4) Which have publicised their Christmas taste test results this week, what is your favourite Christmas food.

5) Where have all the flowers gone? (21/11 09:43)